Ideas 4 School

Pages are a new thing in the Blogger Blog world.  This is my first page :) YEA!

Here I'm going to list and save some cool ideas I have discovered that I want to remember when planning next years school work!

  • The Homeschool Den   they did an entire month of science experiments.  Created a booklet in advance!  I love this idea as around here January's school is like pulling teeth and this would be a great way to come down from Holiday rush and ease back into fun
  • From Peace Creek on the Prairie - put worksheets and handwriting pages in page protectors and let your kids do them with dry erase markers!  I recently did this with Doodlebug's Math U See workbook pages and even the tests!  If she needs extra review she can go back and redo them (and they'll still be nice and clean when it's Taderbug's turn to use them!)  I love money saving ideas!
  • Using what you have!  If you have a scanner, or access to a copier, pick your kids favorite book and scan a page.  Here's a list of activities they can do:
    • Circle/Highlight a certain letter
    • Circle/Highlight all the verbs/ adjectives/ nouns, etc.
    • Circle/Highlight the sentence subjects or sentence predicates
    • Circle/Highlight the pronouns...  find the noun it refers too.
    • Find all the words that start with a certain letter
    • and more!
  • Utilize free or inexpensive digital scrapbooking software!  This week they will have to tell me a story about Big Nana's house (my grandma).  They will dictate and I will type. (Actually, Doodlebug will dictate to the pc and I'll type it later).  Then they will draw a picture for their story.  I'll scan it for them and they can make digital scrapbook pages of their story and picture.  We'll print it out and send them to Big Nana in a card.