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FCH Lessons Index (Future Christian Homemakers) cute and kind of old school
Free Lapbooks at Homeschool Share
DLTK's Printable Crafts for Kids Fun children's crafts, including printable craft templates, for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school kids.

Free Lapbooks, Bible Lapbook, Character LapbooksThis website is full of Free Lapbooking Resources! You'll find Bible Lapbooks, Christian Character Lapbooks, Little House Lapbooks, Insect Lapbooks, Alphabet Lapbooks and more! Great for Homechooling!
Lapbooking on a Shoestring
EasyFunSchool - Lapbooking - !
Home :: Search the 1828 Noah Webster's Dictionary of the English Language (FREE) :: 1828.mshaffer.co
Constitution LapbookAs young future American voters, children need to learn about forms of government, laws, and choices we can make in America. The following is a unit my children and I studied this spring to help them make wise decisions in the coming years.
Mini-Offices--Great tools for students for writing, math, and more....
Shiver Academy - Archives (April 2009)
Lapbooks on the Web
BBC - Schools - Dance Mat Typing - Level 1 - Stage 1A fun colourful website with animation and games introducing touch typing to children aged 7 to 11
The Snail's Trail: Vacation Work Boxes
Walking by the Way - Toys and Workboxes
Meach 100th Day Ideas

Skip Count Kid - The Bible Heroes
Math Games and Activities for kidsFree educational elementary and preschool math games and online lessons. Free online math activities for kids. Math lessons on counting backwards, counting, counting by twos, counting by fives, counting by tens, number sense games, telling time with interactive clocks, learning how to make change with money, measurement, shapes and tangrams.
Back to Homeschool: lesson plans for your first week back at homeschool
Program 101-1, Week 1 - FreeReadingFreeReading is an open-source instructional program that helps educators teach early literacy. FreeReading contains a 40-week scope and sequence that can supplement an early literacy core or basal program.
Fallacy Detective
Walking by the Way
lessonpathwaysLesson Pathways is an innovative new homeschool tool featuring curriculum and activities that appeal to multiple learning styles and teaching methods.
first grade worksheets, second grade worksheets, 1st grade Math, 2nd grade Math Games, phonics and math worksheetsFree first grade and second grade worksheets and games including, phonics, Grammar, Couting games, Counting worksheets, Addition Online practice,Subtraction online Practice, Multiplication online practice, Math worksheets generator, free math work sheets

Homeschool Parent
SchoolExpress.com - 13000+ FREE worksheetsNumerous FREE items including 13,000+ worksheets, make your own worksheets and awards, games, and software,
Explorers of the New World 
Mini-Offices--Great tools for students for writing, math, and more....
Aplusmath.com - Worksheet Generator
File Folder FunFile Folder Fun is a network for sharing ideas and files for making File Folder Games.
Free Short & Long Vowels Phonics Lapbook
FREE Subtraction Facts Lapbook
CapJaxMathFax™CapJaxMathFax is a math software training tool developed with the strictest principles of behavioral psychology and educational technology. CapJaxMathFax Math software works best to teach arithmetic skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. FREE TRIAL
Math·U·See Drill Page
Brain Games & Brain Training - LumosityImprove memory and attention with scientific brain games. Play games.
There's No Place Like Home: Theme of the Week
Reptiles - Free Trial - Simple Schooling ClassroomReady for the reptiles?  Your student will LOVE this engaging and visually entertaining unit study on Reptiles.  Lots of information and activities to keep them busy!
Working the WorkboxesIt was toward the end of last year that I started seeing the phrase "workboxes" pop up on homeschooling messageboards and blogs. I had no idea what they were, so I started investigating. Basically, workboxes are an organizational system used with any curriculum that helps foster independent work habits and a well-structured school day. Well I have to admit that our school day needed some organization after adding a fifth kid into the mix this past year. So I read up on the workbox system and put it to use in our homeschool. Since there is so much out there (on the web) regarding workboxes, I thought I'd share what I've found and what our personal experience is using Sue's system.
All 4 1 and 1 4 All - How to Keep Your Toddler Entertained While You Are Homeschooling
tutus and turtles: A Tactile Matching Game
Toddler Crafts
1+1+1=1...Tot Trays
Toddler Workbox IdeasAs I mentioned in my Working the Workboxes article, I am a mom of 5 kids ranging from 11yrs. old to 1yr. old. I originally implemented the workbox system for my older kids, but my two-year old kept asking for hers. When I thought about it, I knew it would be beneficial for her (and me) to have her own set. I needed activities to keep my toddler busy during the day, but I wanted them to be meaningful activities. Workboxes help me plan out our week and be intentional with the activities and crafts I have my toddler do. Toddlers are children between the ages of 1yr. to 3yrs. old. I believe that toddlers should spend lots of time pretend playing, exploring nature, being read to and listening to good music. They also need some structure in their day. Workboxes allow me to have several intentional learning opportunities for my daughter every day. I'm able to make sure she's getting some attention during our school time and she loves to have "school work" like a big kid! Here's what I found works best for us: -- Use only 4 to 6 boxes. -- Vary the types of activities. -- Plan for the activity to last between 5 - 15 min. max. -- Spread the workboxes out through the school day. -- Be flexible! :) My daughter always has a buddy to work with her with her workboxes. At least one activity is done with me, but I also assign my older kids to help as well. Some days my daughter might be in the mood to do several consecutive activities. Other days, after one workbox she is done. That's ok! You want these structured learning times to be fun, not stressful for either you or your child. In each workbox, I place all the materials necessary for the activity. If it is something that won't fit in the box, I write directions out on an index card and place in the box (i.e. nature walk, big wheel riding etc.).
Progressive Phonics - Alphabet Books Part One (start here!)Progressive Phonics all-in-one reading program with free phonics books and free alphabet books.
CarrotSticks Online Math Games
Homeschool Blogs by KidsAre your homeschooled kids looking for a way to promote their blogs? Try this carnival for homeschool blogs by kids.
SID THE SCIENCE KID . Game Index | PBS KIDSPlay fun, educational games with Sid and his friends.
PBS KIDS Island: Reading Games and Activities for Kids! . PBS KIDS Raising Readers PBS KIDS Raising Readers and PBS KIDS Island offer free reading games and activities for kids, along with resources and literacy activities for parents and teachers.
Chem4Kids.com! The web site that teaches the basics of chemistry to everyone

English for Everyone - Free Printable English WorksheetsA leading website for English education. High quality free English worksheets on reading comprehension, parts of speech, spelling, matching, vocabulary, synonyms and antonyms, phonics, verb tenses, educational games, and more.
PhysicsCentral: Physics@Home
Construct-a-Word - ReadWriteThinkUsing Construct-a-Word, students learn letter-sound correspondence by combining a beginning letter or blend to a word ending to create words.